This program uses the free FCC database of all US Amateur callsigns' and looks up the callsign info. It returns Beam Heading, Distance, County, and Grid Square. Optionally it will also lookup Canadian calls, using the free Canadian database.



CallSign Lookup Version
Unzip into a new folder of your choice.  The program does not use or change the registry.
If you don't like it, just delete the folder you put it in.  You must install the Canadian Callsign database.


MS DotNet
You will need to install this if you gat a DotNet error when running the program


Broken Database FCC Database Broken Database
Unzip this file into the same folder as the lookup program.
DO NOT USE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

********** Use this instead! **********
Callsign Lookup Database 10/29/07
Compiled by KI4JIL


Canadian Callsign Database
Unzip this file into the same folder as the lookup program.


When you first run the program, you will be told two files don't exist, and instructed to run the update function.
Select the Update Data tab, and enter your latitude and longitude
(in North America longitude is entered as a negative number).
Now click the Update Data button.
When the update has run, you should get a screen that looks like the following
(Please exit the program and rerun before looking up any calls).

The files downloaded and unzipped from the FCC site can be deleted after the update is complete.



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